We invited the talented Tyler Pelzek, from https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTNPfilms into the studio to document our early movements & ideas. He extracted what we see as the essence of our project, and are proud to share the vision through his lens. Thank you, Tyler.


Create Space MKE is the brainchild of Jeff Zimpel and Nick Schilz. Our vision was born out of caffeine rants and coming to terms with the idea that to live as artists we would have to turn our brushes inward.


Create Space MKE is a project-based,  urban art collective, residency, and mindset aimed at promoting creative interactions between artists, musicians, authors, actors, poets, intellectuals, students, educators, community members, cultural centers, movers and shakers, patrons, and
the media.

Our focus is on stimulating the creative community by mobilizing visual artists through open dialogue, exhibition, social organizing, and community engagement. We aim to connect with the other members of the Milwaukee creative community to share ideas, experiences, and vision.

We take on projects that investigate the creative ecosystem in and around Milwaukee.

Our projects and process are documented. Exhibitions highlight the development of our ideas, conversations, plans, inspirations, as well as the culminating art pieces.


A Dangerous Idea

“What does it mean to be free?
Freedom is at the heart of all human experience. Humans, unlike other things which follow the instincts and behaviors that characterize their species have a unique relationship with freedom. Though limited by biological existence, and influenced by societal and cultural norms and practices, humans have the potential to create their nature through their decisions and actions.
The self is an ongoing artwork starting with the moment of first consciousness to the moment death wipes it out. There is no traced-out path to lead man to a meaningful life; he must constantly invent his own path. But, to invent it, he is free, responsible, without excuse, and every hope lies within him.

— Ideas from J.P. Sartre and At The Existentialist Cafe by Sarah Blackwell