Create Space MKE is the brainchild of Jeff Zimpel and Nick Schilz. Our vision was born out of caffeine rants and coming to terms with the idea that to live as artists we would have to connect with a multitude of creative networks, and work to develop some of our own.


Create Space MKE is a project-based, urban art collective, residency, and mindset aimed at promoting creative interactions between artists, musicians, authors, actors, poets, intellectuals, students, educators, community members, cultural centers, historical figures, patrons, and the media.

Our focus is on adding to the greater Milwaukee area’s creative community by mobilizing visual artists through thematic dialogue, exhibition, social organizing, and community engagement.

The painting process is the glue that holds our projects together. As we move in and out of working with individuals and groups, paintings are being made. We paint those who show an interest, those who inspire us, and those who we consider partners. Our paintings are the visual outcome of many hours of meditation on what others bring to the Create Space MKE project.


We invited the talented Tyler Pelzek, from into the studio to document our early movements & ideas. He extracted what we see as the essence of our project, and are proud to share the vision through his lens. Thank you, Tyler.