In August of 2016, Create Space MKE took root at Cardinal Stritch University to embark on our first official artist residency, aimed at investigating the question: What does Milwaukee look like?


What Does MKE Look Like letter fonts.jpg
(7) What Does Milwaukee Look Like?.jpg

Early Work

What Does Milwaukee Look Like? Oil on canvas | Oct. '16

The image above is an early example of the surface level investigation of our driving question. Thoughts on Milwaukee transportation design, community organizers, investigators, and interpreters, are shown here being organized in a graphic way. Much of the work begins with digital photography, moves through photoshop & illustrator, and ends on canvas. Early symbols show a focus on educational achievement (lower-most symmetrical symbols), a reinterpretation of the American flag, a simplification of the "People's Flag of MKE', and early Create Space branding. Our symbols serve as a processing method to understand and synthesize the fluid information collected from the city.