CREATE SPACE MKE : 1 year of discussion, design, creation, and now, exhibition (click here)

Create Space MKE is having a series of events this month at Cardinal Stritch University in the Joan Steele Stein Building (it's in the far northwest corner of campus).

January 17th, 5-6:30 PM

Shorewood High School, Visual Journalism Capstone Presentations

January 20th

Phase 1 of the exhibition - See Below*

January 21st

Create Space MKE meet up & stream The Women's March on Washington

*Phase 1 of Create Space MKE

As we near the first phase of exhibition we aim to understand the idea of the city of Milwaukee. Like many things we aim to understand, so much depends on the visual. What does Milwaukee look like? This is the guiding question. 

We designed the scope of our inquiry around the "issues at hand." This has helped to direct our questions, nudging us in 8 directions for our creative investigation.

 Like any explorer, the tools we use will have a great influence on how we collect, interact with, process, and express our discoveries. 

Our job in the exhibitions is to take our discoveries and present you with new visions to consider - to saturate our work with the ideas radiating all around us as we interact with the city, so that you leave the space feeling as if you were splashing around in the waters of Milwaukee's consciousness. 

Like any art exploration we are learning much about ourselves in the process of understanding new perspectives. With this in mind, we want you to join us at our show so we can ask you our question in a variety of ways. 

We hope to see you there.

Jeff & Nick, Create Space MKE