Shorewood High School Students Exhibit Capstone Projects

Over the past semester, Shorewood High School attempted an exciting new class called Visual Journalism, combining the principles and practices of graphic design with those of modern broadcast and print journalism. Students in the class explored the notion of "Face Value" in their community, and expressed their findings in capstone projects telling stories in video, audio, and online.

Each group summarized and shared highlights of their projects in brief, 5-7 min. presentations at Cardinal Stritch University, hosted by Create Space MKE. Watch below as Shorewood students captured their community and the people and organizations who help to shape it.

Here are the highly skilled groups, along with links to their capstone work:

Changemakers - Reed Falkner, Sophie , Paige Simenz, Emily Brokmeier, and Sophie D'Amato

Flightless Birds (VideoWebsite) - Tyler Pelzek, Olivia Poole, Antonio Harden Olivia Tharpgeorge

America's Vanishing Compass - Nick Shaffer

3 Communities, 1 City - Liam Smith, Ellie Moberg, Ellie Schmitt, Julie Pottinger

One Mountain, One Story - Jacob Burnham, Christian Schiro